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About Us

The Junior Civic League of Chillicothe, Ohio began in the 1950s with three community-minded women who acknowledged the need for a service organization comprised of women. 

Since then, the League’s philosophy has evolved into acting as a charitable and educational organization serving actively in the civic development of Chillicothe and Ross County and promoting interest in public welfare, moral values and cultural development by performing fundraising activities for distribution back into community organizations focusing on areas of Health and Welfare, Youth, Education, Culture and Community Service.

The League consists of approximately 50 women between the ages of 21 and 48 that are responsible for carrying out the mission of the League through fundraising and community service. The fundraising efforts from the Christmas Tree Gala alone has allowed the distribution of more than $500,000 to almost 200 nonprofit organizations serving the Chillicothe and Ross County communities in the last decade. In addition to annual Gala funds, the members distribute funds to community organizations during monthly meetings from fundraising efforts of the Ways & Means committee with the most successful event being a consignment sale held in Fall and in the Spring known as the Mom to Mom Sale. As a service organization, the Project Service committee organizes various projects during the year allowing the ladies to directly serve the needs of the Chillicothe and Ross County communities. Some of these partnerships have remained for decades including the Chillicothe and Ross County Public Library Bookwork program.

The League is appreciative of the interest and support of the community through the years!


Mission Statement

Establish partnerships and increase community involvement through fundraising/distribution of financial support for local organizations.




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